Care Instructions

Cleaning Your Jacket: 

Try to spot clean your jacket as often as possible. If you decide to put the jacket in the wash - wash on cold and lay flat to dry. The jacket will last longer the less you wash in the machine. 

Re-adhering your Name or Date:

Sometimes the vinyl starts to lift a bit. If this starts happening then just grab a thin towel or some parchment paper, lay it over the top of the vinyl and iron over with your household iron. Do not apply too much pressure as it can alter the vinyl.

Cleaning Your Hat:

Using a hat brush or soft toothbrush - use short, gentle strokes starting from one side of your hat and work your way around in the same direction. Just maintain gentle around any vinyl on the hat as well to prevent from pulling any of it up. 

Cleaning Your Cup:

The cups are dishwasher safe. 

Cleaning Your Gloves:

Spot clean or dry clean is my recommendation. If you end up putting them in the washing machine, wash on cold and delicate. Lay flat to dry.